16 Amazing Photos from my Sailing Adventure to the Faroe Islands

16 Photos from my Faroe Islands Sailing Adventure
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I’m just getting back from my sailing adventure to the rugged and untouched Faroe Islands found between Iceland and Norway in the Atlantic. It was an AMAZING adventure and one of my favorite locations to date! 

Life has been a little crazy since being home and while I’ll be writing about the the trip in detail in the next two weeks, today I wanted to share some of my photos I took from the trip. The Faroe Islands are truly unique and spectacular. My pictures won’t do them justice, but hopefully they’ll give you a taste of what they’re like.

I’ll share my experience and some tips in the next post but for now, let’s end this week with some photos of a truly awe-inspiring place: 

Rubicon3's Hummingbird in Eysturoy_at Sunset - Faroe Islands

Exploring the Faroe Islands by 60 foot sail boat was a unique and amazing experience. Rubicon3 is the company I went with and this is their boat, Hummingbird. She is a beautiful yacht and I loved sailing on her. Here we are in Nordragota on the island of Eysturoy. 

We were in a port every night and had lots of opportunity to get out and explore the towns and go hiking. This was just above the town of Nordragota. We had amazing weather and spectacular views!

Grass roofs in the town or Torshavn, Faroe Islands

A common site we’d see in many of the towns was grass covered roofs. Above is a view seen in the capital city of Tórshavn.

Grass Roof on a sheep hut in Nolsoy on the Faroe Islands

Another grass roofed structure seen in the village of Nólsoy on the island of Nólsoy.

Village Hvannasund - Faroe Islands

A view of the village of Hvannasund. I love the variety of cliffs!

Puffins on the island of Mykines in the Faroe Islands

Next came the island of Mykines which is a popular nesting ground for PUFFINS! I just couldn’t get enough of them!!

Solo Puffin on the island of Mykines in the Faroe Islands
Field of Puffins on the island of Mykines in the Faroe Islands

The island of Mykines itself is beautiful and lots of places to hike with spectacular views as you take in the variety of birds that live there. 

The lighthouse at the end of the island of Mykines in the Faroe Islands
Mykines Landscape on the Faroe Islands

We saw many of the villages and towns on most of the islands. Our last port was in the second largest city of Klaksvik. We were able to spend a few days here and see quite a bit of it. It’s a beautiful city!

Rainy Day view of the harbor in Klaskviki n the Faroe Islands
Sunset view over Klaksvik in the Faroe Islands

On my last night in the Faroes I went for a hike and saw some of the most spectacular views as the sun came out after a rainy, misty day. 

Silhouette hikers on our Klaskvik hike in the Faroe Islands
Top of the Hill above Klaskvik in the Faroe Islands
The sunset silhouette view from above Klaskvik in the Faroe Islands

Well there you go! Hope you enjoyed these photos and have added the Faroe Islands to your own Adventure Craving Bucket List!

Like I said, I’ll have a write up on the full trip as well as some tips, tricks, and a packing list in an upcoming post. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Note: I went on this trip with Rubicon3, a company based out of England, who I trust and recommend without any hesitation. If you’d like to learn more about their trips, find more details on their website at http://rubicon3.co.uk. I received no compensation for this post and paid for this trip with my own money. 

Overview | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Packing & Logistics

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