Adventure Cravings Bucket List


Adventure Cravings Bucket List Ideas 
Adventure Bucket List Ideas

What’s on your Adventure Bucket List?

I love lists! Especially lists of adventures, trips, or experiences I want to have during my lifetime. Here’s my current list  of “adventure cravings.” I’m always on the lookout for new ideas, so please leave a comment to share yours.
Some of experiences are linked to where you could learn more and see how you can do the same thing.
Just so you know, I only promote services and companies I personally use and can recommend without hesitation.
  1. Trek to Everest Base Camp in Nepal
  2. Drive my own dogsled on a dogsled expedition
  3. Cross-country skiing expedition
  4. Visit all 7 continents
  5. Live and work in Antartica for a season
  6. Trek across a desert with camels
  7. Learn to sail
  8. Go tall ship sailing
  9. Help with a reindeer migration in Siberia
  10. Explore Scandinavia
  11. Hike to the summit of Mt. Rainier in Washington State
  12. Go to mountaineering school and summit Mexico’s highest volcano, Orizaba
  13. Visit the Alps and go hut-to-hut hiking
  14. Visit Greece
  15. Sail around the world
  16. Visit and explore Alaska
  17. Climb Via Ferratas in the Dolomites
  18. Trek the Landmannalagar trek in Iceland
  19. Summit Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa
  20. Scotland – Trek the 95 mile West Highland Way
  21. See the North Pole
  22. See the South Pole
  23. Visit all 50 states in the United States
  24. Trek the classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru
  25. Ireland – See the Giant’s Causeway and the Cliffs of Mohor
  26. Stay in a Castle
  27. Shark cage diving in Hawaii
  28. Get SCUBA certified
  29. Eat, sleep, and SCUBA dive on a live aboard boat
  30. Iceland – See the Northern Lights
  31. Attend a Photography Workshop in a breathtaking place
  32. Prince Edward Island – See where Anne of Green Gables was filmed
  33. Horseback ride in the Snowy Mountains in Australia
  34. Bike from Munich to Venice
  35. Skydive
  36. Visit all 5 National Parks in Utah
  37. See the Redwoods in Northern California
  38. Ride elephants in Thailand
  39. Explore Mongolia
  40. Go pack-rafting in Utah
  41. Go pack-rafting in Alaska
  42. Hike the tallest mountain in Utah, Kings Peak
  43. Visit Maine
  44. Go winter camping
  45. See Lake Powell in southern Utah

This list will change and updated to as I learn about new experiences. I’d love to hear about adventures and any you’d recommend!

So tell me…what’s on your adventure bucket list?

Leave a comment below and share!

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