Everest Base Camp Trek Travelogue: Last Day & Final Thoughts

Last Day and Final Thoughts

October 11-13, 2014

My last few days in Kathmandu were spent resting, packing, and saying goodbyes. On the final night, the group got together with our guide one last time, and we went to a restaurant where we were treated to a traditional Nepalese dinner.

It was a fun night filled with excellent food, traditional music, and traditional dance performances. The food was brought to us in courses, and it started with roasted potatoes, followed by chicken momo’s (dumplings), lentil soup, rice, chicken curry, wild boar, spinach, and buffalo yogurt to finish it all off. The wild boar was delicious, and I am already a fan of the buffalo yogurt. The music and dancing was a treat as well. The night was unique and exotic. Everything you’d imagine from a traditional Nepalese celebration.

We said our last goodbyes to the people in our group. I was the first to fly out, while the others still had a few more days in Kathmandu. Several of them said to look them up if I was ever in their neck of the woods. I offered the same. I love the friendships that form while traveling. 🙂

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Stupa and Prayer Flags along the Everest Base Camp Trek - Final Thoughts
Stupa and Prayer Flags along the Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal

Raj met me early the next morning, and he and the driver took me to the airport. This time the traffic didn’t phase me. I had become accustomed to the insanity. 🙂 As they dropped me off, Raj presented me with a light yellow scarf, the khata, around my neck. It’s a custom that is done at farewells and safe journeys, as well as other special occasions. Our porters had given us one a few days earlier. It’s a sign of respect and gratitude.

Coming home seems just as surreal as first arriving in Kathmandu. It’s hard to believe the trip has come to an end and I did experience all of that. So grateful that I was able to record what I did, because I know I would have forgotten a lot of it.

Here are a few thoughts I wanted to share about what I learned and relearned from this incredible and unforgettable experience:

  • We are never alone – God is very much aware of us, and He sends us help in seen and unseen ways
  • Our bodies are miraculous – they can adapt and do more than we think they can
  • With God, nothing is impossible
  • You can most definitely do hard things and hard does not mean impossible
  • Don’t limit yourself – you are capable of such grand things
  • A positive attitude is an absolute must if you hope to be successful
  • Enjoy the entire journey – to the top, at the top, and back down
  • Even if you don’t know what’s ahead, your guide does and he will help you best navigate the way to be successful
  • Be flexible – things never happen the way you plan them, but they usually happen even better than you could have imagined
  • By moving forward, one step at a time, you can do amazing things
Prayer Flags and Suspension Bridges - Everest Base Camp Trek
Prayer Flags and Suspension Bridges - Everest Base Camp Trek

On a lighter note here are a few things I’ve learned I’ve taken for granted:

  • fresh fruit
  • meat
  • toilet paper available in public restrooms
  • traffic lights, lines, and rules
  • seat belts
  • water I can drink from the tap
  • personal space 🙂

A big “Dhanybhad” (thank you in Nepalese) to everyone! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Thank you for the sweet comments and emails. Thank you for the insights you shared. And thank you for joining me on this crazy adventure!! It’s been so much fun to share.

Now the real adventure begins as I make my way home and get back to real life. Time to start planning another adventure!

Love and great big hugs,


P.S. One final quote that sums up this trip for me: “In the end, the only thing you really own is your story. Just tryin’ to live a good one.” – Drover, from the movie, Australia (2008)

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