Faroe Islands Sailing Adventure

Faroe Islands Sailing Adventure
Faroe Islands Sailing Adventure

The Faroe Islands

“Off the beaten path” is my travel style and this trip will be no different. The Faroe Islands are a group of 18 islands above Scotland and halfway between Iceland and Norway. The National Geographic Traveller magazine voted the Faroe Islands as the “authentic, unspoiled, and likely to remain so islands in the world.”

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Sailing Adventure

To properly see the Faroe Islands, I decided to join an expedition sailing adventure run by Rubicon3, a company based out of England. Sailing expeditions is what they do and they do everything possible to make sure you have a great trip. No previous sailing experience is required because they will teach in a fun and hands-on way. 

My first sailing experience was with Rubicon3 last November when I joined them on a trip from the Azores in the middle of the Atlantic to Gibraltar. I logged over 1,200 nautical miles and got to experience being in the open sea and all the magic that involves. I had such a fantastic experience that I knew I wanted to go again.

The Route

I’ll meet up with a small group of like-minded adventure cravers in Tórshavn and we’ll set sail and make our way around the different Faroe islands. 11-days of island hopping and we’ll end in Klaskvik.

Rubicon3 adventures aren’t just about sailing, they also include plenty of time to explore the spectacular locations we’re in. Rugged cliffs, cute puffins, and picturesque landscape dotted with sheep are what I’m expecting. From everything I’ve read, this sounds like an outdoor adventurer’s ultimate playground.  

The Boat

Rubicon3's 60' expedition yacht, Hummingbird. www.rubicon3.co.uk

Hummingbird is the name of the 60′ expedition sailing yacht I’ll get to be on this trip. She’s the same boat I was on last November and I’m excited to get to sail on her again. She was built for the Clipper round the world yacht race and has been around the world 3 times. She’s built for speed and stability and I always felt safe and secure even in 16 foot waves. 

We’ll have a crew of up to 10 and while things are cozy, they aren’t cramped. There’s a galley (kitchen), saloon (seating area with a TV), bunks, two heads (bathrooms), and lots of storage space. She quickly becomes your home-away-from- home and your crew become like family. 

Learn More & Follow Along

Follow along and share the journey with me on Instagram or Twitter. If you just can’t get enough, check back here because I’ll be posting trip highlights, my packing list, and lessons learned. 

If you’re interested in your own sailing adventure, I highly recommend checking out Rubicon3 and the many adventures they offer. I only recommend companies I’ve had great experiences with and they are one of my favorites. Click here to learn more about Rubicon3, Hummingbird, their newest boat, Oriole, and their many upcoming sailing adventures. 

Please note, I’m not being paid to recommend or refer them. I paid for this trip myself and believe in sharing great trips, resources, and experiences with like-minded adventure cravers. So enjoy!

Overview | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Packing & Logistics

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